​School of Science & Engineering

​​We offer unique and distinctive styles of courses with one aim in mind: to develop the next generation of problem solvers, innovators and leaders that employers and society need. Our aim is to provide you with an excellent university student experience, and at the same time to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence that will launch you, as a graduate, on your chosen career path.

What we offer

The School has a broad range of courses from pre-degree through to PhD level study. Students can study and graduate from professionally accredited and recognised programmes, taking an important first step in meeting the requirements for registration with the subject-relevant professional body.

Our programmes are supported and complemented by an impressive range of research, innovation and enterprise activities, with the quality reflected in that 80% of our submission to the last research assessment exercise was judged as being of international quality. For more information see our Technology Futures Institute

Employability and workforce development

Our programmes are designed to enhance the employability readiness of our graduates and we work with some of the leading employers in the sectors represented within the School's remit. For example, we oversee training and education of the vast majority of specialist scientific staff in the UK's police forces and work with some of the world's leading engineering companies.

In addition to preparing young graduates for employment through our various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, we provide opportunities for those looking for a change in career, or for those returning to education after a long break, with specially designed extended programmes. If you're already working and want to advance your education at a higher level and boost your earning potential then we can even offer you ways of doing that by distance learning and /or part-time study options.

Diversity and culture

Students joining the school will encounter a diverse community of staff and students from throughout the UK and across the globe. We place great emphasis on providing a caring and supportive environment, where you can fully develop and achieve your maximum potential.

Friendly and fun

On top of all that it's a fun place to study as well! Our Undergraduate students will spend a considerable part of their course involved in challenging and exciting team-based activities which form the centrepiece of our curricula. We offer a range of other activities such as field trips, a unique professional mentoring scheme involving employers who also contribute to, and in some cases lead, the design and delivery of parts of our courses. Our courses are based around extensive professional case studies and simulation exercises which have proven very popular with students, providing great learning environments.

But why take our word for it? We strongly encourage you to come and see for yourself how vibrant, enthusiastic and committed our staff and students are and the range of opportunities we offer.

Professor Stephen Cummings
School Dean