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  • The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all software in use throughout the University is correctly licensed and can be proven to be so.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 15:07:52
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • This policy has been written to ensure that staff are aware of their individual responsibilities around information security when working remotely.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 15:07:26
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • The ICT Privacy and Monitoring Policy informs the University’s staff, students, and other individuals entitled to use University facilities of how, and under what circumstances, monitoring of activity or inspection of the content of electronic data assets may be carried out.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 15:07:06
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all IT hardware in use throughout the University is correctly managed and can be proven to be so.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 15:06:46
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • The aim of this policy is to help ensure that Teesside University’s IT facilities can be used safely, lawfully and equitably.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 14:55:45
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • The purpose of this Policy is to safeguard information belonging to the University and its stakeholders (third parties, clients or customers and the general public), within a secure environment.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 14:55:26
    Document tags: IT; Policy
  • The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standards and expectations regarding any Teesside University related use of social media.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 14:55:00
    Document tags: IT;Guidance
  • In order to carry out its functions, to provide its services and to meet its obligations, the University gathers and processes personal information about its students, staff and other individuals. The University is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals by ensuring the fair, responsible and transparent use of all personal information that it holds, including compliance with the safeguards and requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. This Policy and its associated Code of Practice and Procedure set out the minimum standards with which all sections of the University must comply in order to satisfy this commitment.
    Modified: 2018-09-14 13:11:52
    Document tags: Data Protection;Policy
  • This document advises students of the terms and conditions governing their use of tablet computing devices issed under the Univertiy's Advance Scheme. That Scheme is part of the University’s commitment to enhancing Learning and Teaching excellence at Teesside University.
    Modified: 2018-08-15 14:03:23
    Document tags: IT;iPad
  • This document provides an overview of IT related policies with which staff, students and other authorised users of University IT facilities need to comply.
    Modified: 2018-04-05 11:23:32
    Document tags: IT;Policy
  • The code of conduct defines how administrator privileges on University owned workstations and laptops are to be used. The document also defines how users with standard rights may apply for this access, and what they may use this access for.
    Modified: 2018-01-18 17:10:20
    Document tags: IT
  • The Business Computing Standard is one that the IT Department supports with respect to usage of the University’s corporate information systems and is also one that third party suppliers also warrant their applications against. Thus variance from this standard implies that neither the IT Department nor the supplier will be able to guarantee interoperability.
    Modified: 2017-10-13 15:39:11
    Document tags: IT