​​​​​Welcome message from the Vice-Chancellor

At Teesside we are committed to delivering excellence and enhancing academic and professional standards and we see a robust external examining framework as an integral part of achieving this.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to the role and to say that the constructive feedback given to us as part of the process is invaluable in driving quality enhancement and is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

Important message to External Examiners regarding new meas​u​res as a result of Covid-19

Dear colleague
Further to the Prime Minister’s recent briefing on the escalated measures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Teesside University has been reviewing the implementation of business continuity.  This will include some additional bespoke solutions around student learning, assessment practices and the External Examiner processes, whilst continuing to safeguard our academic standards.  
In summary, the University is taking the following actions:
  1. As from Monday 23rd March 2020, the delivery of all teaching will be via the VLE.  Staff and students have been informed of this change and are being fully supported.
  2. We are collecting information in order to approve alternative forms of online assessment where this is possible. As you would imagine this will primarily focus on a move away from face to face examinations.  Placement activities are being continually reviewed in light of relevant PSRB guidance. All adjustments will be in place for the period of the pandemic only.
  3. We plan to engage with you as much as possible in terms of external moderation processes, via our online/Blackboard portals.  Module Boxes will be made available on Blackboard wherever possible and these will provide you with access to information, documentation and student work, marks etc in order for you to carry out the standard moderation processes.
  4. We are reviewing our taught regulations and policies to ensure that we have the flexibility to facilitate student progression and award where the majority of the assessment load has been completed.  This will be achieved via the approval of a set of Regulations for Exceptional Circumstances that will be appended to our standard Assessment Regulations.  These new regulations will maintain the principles of the standard regulations and wherever possible, the standard Assessment Regulations will take precedence.  These regulations will be published on the University’s Assessment Regulations page once they have been approved.  
  5. The University is working closely with its partner institutions to ensure the integrity of the student learning experience and academic standards.
  6. Module/Progression/Award Assessment Boards that are scheduled for May/June 2020 are likely to take place virtually and we will provide more information on this as our plans develop.  In the meantime, in line with the advice from the Government and Public Health England, we are advising you not to travel to Teesside University until further notice.  If you do need to claim for any recent travel / expenses, please note that our Finance department have requested that with immediate effect, any expenses should be claimed within one month from date of travel.
We will of course keep you up to date with further developments and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries you may have in the meantime via APR@tees.ac.uk​.
Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that this provides assurance that the University continues to uphold it’s academic standards and quality processes in these very challenging circumstances.​