​​Fees & Expenses



The annual fee agreed on your appointment and included in your contract letter will only be paid once per year following receipt of an Annual Report. Your fees are processed automatically on receipt of your annual report, therefore there is no need to submit a claim for this fee. Please note that all fees paid to External Examiners (including the mentoring fee) are subject to deduction of PAYE in line with HMRC Regulations. If you have undertaken a mentoring role you should claim this through your expenses.

Please note that the Finance Department will not sanction the payment of any fees until a completed Annual External Examiner Report Form has been received by the Academic Registry and our Human Resources Department has received confirmation from the School that your original Passport has been verified in accordance with UKVI requirements.


When will I be paid my External Examiner Fees?

The Annual Fee is paid once per year automatically by the School on receipt of your Annual Report.   Please note that if your Report is received by the Finance after the 12th of the month, you will not receive your fee payment until the 26th of the following month.


What are my External Examiner fees each year?

Your Fee Band is agreed on appointment, or subsequent change of duties and the amount is stated in your contract letter.


What if I do not agree with the Fee Band or I undertake more or less examining duties throughout the year?

You should liaise with the School Administrator.   Schools have the discretion to amend the amount of the fee paid depending on certain circumstances.


What if I do not get paid my Fees?

Please refer back to payroll deadlines

This could be due to the following reasons:

- Non submission of an Annual Report

- Non submission of a Personal Details Form to the TU School.

- Noncompliance of UKVI requirements – refer to FAQ's in relation to the UK Visa and Immigration Requirement

- If your Annual Report was received by Finance after the 11th of the month, you will not receive your fees until the 26th of the following month.

- You have recently resigned or your tenure has ended – any claims should ideally be forwarded to the relevant School prior to your leaving date, or if this is not possible, within 2 months of your leaving date.

- You act as both an Undergraduate and Postgraduate External Examiner and you have only submitted one report.   Fees will only be paid when both reports are received.

If you have submitted all of the above, you should contact the relevant School Administrator immediately. If you haven't submitted the above then you will NOT be on the payroll system. In order for the University to be able to make payment to you, please submit all documentation as soon as possible to the relevant School contact.



Subsistence rates are paid in line with the Teesside University Travel, Subsistence & Expenses Policy, unless otherwise agreed To claim back your expenses you will need to complete the Expenses Claim form and submit this to the School Administrator along with receipts of your expenses. This should normally be submitted within one month of incurring expenses. 


Where do I send my completed Expense Claim Form?

Please return to the relevant School Administrator at Teesside University (even if you are a Validated Partner External Examiner). Please remember to keep a copy and provide us with all receipts for your expenses.


If I undertake a mentoring role, how do I claim the £100 fee?

There is a section on the Expense Claim form to reclaim the one-off £100 mentoring fee.   Please note that the mentoring fee is subject to deduction of PAYE.


When will I get paid my Expenses?

Expense Claim forms should be submitted to the School following completion.  Expenses are paid on a weekly payment run. Please allow one to two weeks for your expenses to be processed.


What should I do if I do not receive my Expenses?

Contact the relevant School Administrator.  We recommend you keep a copy of your expense claim form until paid.


Who will arrange my Travel and Accommodation?

Schools will normally make hotel reservations on behalf of Teesside University External Examiners.  In the case of Validated Partners, External Examiners will normally book their own accommodation based on recommendations from the Partner and in line with Teesside University guidance regarding costs.  External Examiners should liaise with the Validated Partner regarding travel connected with Assessment Boards.


What are the mileage rates?

Mileage rates are paid at 45p per mile up to 120 miles.

Where prior approval to use own vehicle has been sought, for claims in excess of 120 miles, the Claimant will be restricted to reimbursement of the lower of:

(a) Actual mileage claimed at current rate of 45p per mile

(b) Daily hire rate excluding VAT of £25.00 1600cc plus fuel at the current fuel rate of 17p per mile for the full journey

(c) Standard class fare by rail (cheapest available for the date of travel)