​Annual Reports

All External Examiners are required to provide a written Annual Report, which is a key feature of the University's Continuous Monitoring & Enhancement process in assuring national comparability of the University's awards and in quality assurance and enhancement. External Examiners are required to submit only one report that covers all Awards/Modules Assessment and Reassessment Boards. Reports should normally be submitted by 30 September each year to APR@tees.ac.uk. More information regarding reporting can be found in the External Examiner Handbook, Section 9.  

If you are an External Examiner for a TU or HEBP course, a TU School administrator will supply you with an Annual Report template prior to you attending a assessment board. If you are an External Examiner for a Validated UK College Partner the administrator from that institution will supply you with the template report. Part One (A) should be completed by the School or Validated Partner before it is dispatched to you. If you have not received your report template please contact either the TU School or Validated Partner contact in the first instance before contacting Academic Registry.



Where do I obtain an Annual Report Template?

The School or Validated Partner will send you the Annual Report Template with the front page completed prior to you attending the Assessment Board.   


What if the School/Validated Partner does not send me an Annual Report Template?

Please contact the relevant School or Validated UK College Partner Administrator


Do I still need to complete an Annual Report if I did not attend an Assessment Board?

Yes, or you will not receive your Fees.


Where do I send my completed Annual Report to?

Please submit to APR@tees.ac.uk


What is the deadline for submitting my Annual Report?

30th September, following Re-assessment Boards.


Do I need to complete separate reports for First Sit and Re-assessment Boards?

No, we only require one report covering both.