Welcome to Teesside University in your role as an External Examiner. Here you will find information regarding our induction events and other useful resources.

​​​​​​​​​​​Teesside University holds two central induction events, normally in December/January and March/April for External Examiners new to Teesside University. Invites will be sent out annually or on appointment. Validated Partners ​arrange their own induction events, based on standard guidance/template from Teesside University.

TU/TUCP External Examiners - the External Exami​ner Induction Presentation​ is aimed to provide you with an understanding of the role and responsibilities of an External Examiner at Teesside University and to introduce the University regulatory framework. Below is supporting documentation referred to in the presentation.


Handout 1 - Key Features of the Teesside University CAMS.docx
Handout 2 - Glossary of Terms relating to 2014 Assessment Regulations.docx
Handout 3 - Table of Academic Misconduct Definitions.docx
Handout 4  - Key features of the Undergraduate assessment regulations.docx
Handout 5 - Annual Report Questions 202021.docx
Handout 6 - External Examiner Cycle - College.docx
Handout 7 - Sample Board Reports.docx
Handout 8 - Module Assessment.docx



Will I be invited to an Induction?

Invites​ will be sent out annually or on appointment. Please note we may cancel an event if the number of attendees is not viable.  

What if I am unable to attend an induction event?

Student Learning & Academic Registry will provide you with an External Examiner Induction pack, including PowerPoint slides and other relevant information. If you don't receive this pack, or have any queries, please notify the University at  


 If you have any have any further queries, please contact  ​