Advanced Independent Work External Examiner Handbook

​​​​The Handbook for External Examiners of Advanced Independent Work​​ is provided to External Examiners examining professional doctorates.  

It provides information on:

  • ​the professional doctorate awards and the credit ac​​cumulation & module scheme,
  • the framework for assessment, award and progression,
  • information relating to the assessment of Advanced Independent Work, 
  • research ethics, 
  • and other relevant academic regulations. 

It also contains the relevant forms that are required to be completed by an External Examiner who examines professional doctorates. Please note that there a different sets of forms to complete for the Assessment of Professional Doctorate Awards, depending on which Assessment Regulations apply. The University moved to a set of new Assessment Regulations for Professional Doctorate Awards in September 2017. All students who enrolled from September 2017/18 commenced on these regulations. Students who enrolled prior to that, who had not yet commenced on their AIW, were given the option to move over to the new regulations for the AIW. A small number of students chose not to move to the new regulations and this was recorded on the University’s Student Record System [SITS]. The Course Leader/School Senior Administrator can advise as to whether any students you are considering should be examined under the “old” [pre 2017/18] regulations.​ Further information is also available within the AIWEE Handbook. ​