Assessments & Boards

​​​​​​Assessments & Boards

 The University Academic Board approves the Assessment Regulations for Taught and Research awards. ​All Assessment Regulations are available on the Teesside University website

​The Assessment and Feedback Policy provides the principles and implementation notes that underpin assessment design, assessment standards and assessment feedback. In particular, Appendix A gives the process for assessment approval and Appendix C, Marking and Moderation processess and Appendix I, Assessment Internal Moderation Pack.

The University operates a two stage assessment system. The first stage is concerned with individual modules or clusters of modules (Module Assessment Boards) and the second with progression and awards (Progression/Award Boards). Assessment Boards normally meet either as "first sit" boards following the completion of summative assessment, or as "re-assessment" boards to deal with re-assessment. Meetings at other times are permitted, particularly where there are issues associated with progression and awards.

Further information regarding Types of Assessment Bo​ards (Section 5) and the Status of Assessment Board Decisions (Appendix E) is available in the External Examiner Handbook.

For further details of the University’s Module Framework, see Credit Accumulation & Modular Scheme (CAMS).


Who can I contact to find out the date(s) of the Assessment Board(s) I need to attend?

TU and TUCP Assessment Boards are arranged by each TU School. Assessment Boards that are convened to review modules and awards for validated provision will be organised by the Partner institution.

What if I am unable to attend an Assessment Board?​​

Please contact the relevant contact at the School or Validated Partner as soon as possible.  Please note, even if you do not attend an Assessment Board, you will still be required to sign the Confirmation of Endorsement of the Assessment Process​ form – Appendix B in the External Examiner Handbook, and complete an Annual Report which will be made available by the TU School/Validated Partner.

Guidance on Expectations and Etiquette for Attendance at Virtual Assessment Boards

For further guidance on how to prepare for a virtual Assessment Board, including using MS Teams and what to expect during the Board, please see ​Guidance Document