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Listed below you will find a number of university web sites that you may find useful. You can also search the main university web site and the University intranet using the search box above.



Course Materialshttps://eat.tees.ac.ukCourse MaterialsIf you are looking for your course materials try visiting eat@tees.ac.uk
IT Help Centrehttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/HelpCentreIT Help CentreThe aim of the IT Help Centre is to provide staff and students with up-to-date IT news and information. ​Browse the self help pages to find assistance on a wide range of technical issues.
Library and Information Serviceshttp://lis.tees.ac.ukLibrary and Information ServicesFind out about the resources provided by the Library and Information Services to support your studies.
Main University Websitehttps://www.tees.ac.ukMain University WebsiteThe main University website contains a wealth of information for prospective and current students, businesses, researchers and alumni.
Student Portalhttp://mytu.tees.ac.ukStudent PortalThe Student Portal acts as a gateway to many of the resources you may need during your stay at the university.
University Intranethttps://unity3.tees.ac.ukUniversity IntranetThe University intranet contains the main department and school web sites.

Programme Catalogue

The Programme Catalogue contains detailed information about current courses/awards using Programme Specifications. A Programme Specification is t​he University standard document approved by the relevant committee and consists of a number of sections describing:

  • the aims and learning outcomes of the programme/award;

  • the learning and teaching methods used;

  • the structure of the course, including the modules that may be studied;

  • the support that will be provided for students and their learning;

  • the assessment methods that will be used to confirm that students have met the requirements for the award.​

Visit the Programme Catalogue​​​​​​​

Public Document Library​

The Public Document Library is a repository of publically available documents, including University policies, reports, forms, and general information. Recently updated documents...



Data Protection Policy and Procedurehttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/Legal and Governance Services/Data Protection Policy and Procedure.pdfData Protection Policy and ProcedureIn order to carry out its functions, to provide its services and to meet its obligations, the University gathers and processes personal information about its students, staff and other individuals. The University is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals by ensuring the fair, responsible and transparent use of all personal information that it holds, including compliance with the safeguards and requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. This Policy and its associated Code of Practice and Procedure set out the minimum standards with which all sections of the University must comply in order to satisfy this commitment.
Information Security Policyhttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/Legal and Governance Services/Information Security Policy.pdfInformation Security PolicyThe purpose of this Policy is to safeguard information belonging to the University and its stakeholders (third parties, clients or customers and the general public), within a secure environment.
IT Policy Overview Leaflethttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/IT Services/IT Policy Overview Leaflet.pdfIT Policy Overview LeafletThis document provides an overview of IT related policies with which staff, students and other authorised users of University IT facilities need to comply.
IT Administrative Privileges Code of Conducthttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/IT Services/IT Administrative Privileges Code of Conduct.pdfIT Administrative Privileges Code of ConductThe code of conduct defines how administrator privileges on University owned workstations and laptops are to be used. The document also defines how users with standard rights may apply for this access, and what they may use this access for.
IT Acceptable Use Policyhttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/Legal and Governance Services/IT Acceptable Use Policy.pdfIT Acceptable Use PolicyThe aim of this policy is to help ensure that Teesside University’s IT facilities can be used safely, lawfully and equitably.
Business Computing Standardhttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/sites/publicdocuments/IT Services/Business Computing Standard.pdfBusiness Computing StandardThe Business Computing Standard is one that the IT Department supports with respect to usage of the University’s corporate information systems and is also one that third party suppliers also warrant their applications against. Thus variance from this standard implies that neither the IT Department nor the supplier will be able to guarantee interoperability.

​​Visit the Public Document Library​​​​​

Common IT Questions​



Connecting to WiFihttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/HelpCentre/Networks/Pages/eduroam.aspxConnecting to WiFiAdvice on connecting to the University's WiFi system called eduroam.
Managing my passwordhttps://mylogin.tees.ac.ukManaging my passwordMyLogin is designed to help staff and students manage their password and security details.
My Printhttps://extra.tees.ac.uk/HelpCentre/Pages/MyPrintGeneral.aspxMy PrintFind out how to get the most out of the University's printers and copiers.