​​Teesside University XCRI-CAP Project Blog

The University is seeking to establish a simplified way of delivering, to its various audiences, key information which currently resides in at least three separate management information systems within the University. The key aim of this project is to facilitate a systemic change to the way in which data is collected, updated and maintained.  The project will establish the means to link the three sources of course and student information (Course Information database on the website, the programme specifications database and SITS (Student Administration data) to provide XCRI-CAP output.

The project will contribute to a number of the University’s strategic objectives. Improved marketing information will contribute to improved student recruitment. High quality, in-time published information will enhance the applicant and student experience, fulfil external quality assessment requirements and support public accountability. The project will also enable the University to streamline business processes, thereby contributing to our efficiency programme. The impact of these changes will be assessed as part of the internally defined Project Review process, which takes place three months after project completion. 

This work will deliver access via the website to information at course level for potential enquirers, current students and key stakeholders and provide the ability to interrogate data systems.

30/01/2012 - JISC Course Data Mailing List 

JISC and colleagues in other institutions regularly supply updates on Course Data related work. You can join the JISC Course Data Mailing List by clicking on this link. The link is also available on the Blog Home page.

30/01/2012 - January Update

Welcome to the January update for the Course Data project.

This month has seen initial discussions centred on making the Programme Catalogue system XCRI-CAP compatible. Colleagues from ICT Systems MIS team and Academic Registry have worked together to identify areas of improvement within the Programme Catalogue. These improvements will facilitate wider adoption of the Programme Catalogue. 

Among the improvements identified are restricting data entry to enable format free text, increasing the number and size of attachments, improving overall performance of the application and completing the linking of data between the Student Records system (SITS) and the Programme Catalogue. Analysis and specification of this work has already started and is expected to be complete and ready for development during February 2012.

In addition to the work for changes to the course data source systems, a number of actions are required as part of our commitments to JISC, including the creation of the Blog you are currently reading. Colleagues from the Project Board have worked together to produce those documents required to be submitted to JISC for the end of this month, including the Stage 1 Completion, FOI statement and JISC Website documents. 

01/06/2011 - The Teesside University Project Team

Below you can find the contact details of the Project Team assigned to the Course Data: Making the most of course information - Stage 2 project.