Privacy and the use of cookies
This website only uses cookies that are strictly necessary to support the operation of the website

​​​​​​Privacy and the use of cookies​​

This website only uses cookies that are strictly necessary to support the operation of the website. Cookies are not used to store any information that is not strictly necessary for the website to operate correctly. There is no use of cookies to track the personal browsing habits of visitors. Your use of the website infers your consent to the placing of these essential cookies.

General Information about cookies:

What is a cookie?

A cookie is basically a small file that is created by a website and stored on your computer (desktop, laptop, mobile phone etc). Your web browser will manage the creation of cookies for websites you visit. If you use more than one browser to visit the same web site then each browser will manage a separate cookie.

The cookie acts as the website’s memory and can hold such things as your shopping basket contents and personal preferences for a website. For the most part they are immensely useful and without them many websites will simply not work. Some cookies only exist whilst you are accessing the website (so called session cookies) and others exist between website visits (persistent cookies). The latter often being used to hold longer term ‘preference’ type settings for a given website (colour schemes, language choice etc). Unfortunately, some websites have utilised this facility to store information about browsing habits to target marketing, adverts or track website usage. This non-essential storage of information may be deemed to be intrusive and you may not wish it to take place.

Can cookies be blocked?

Most web browsers have settings to control the management of cookies and even delete them. By default most browsers simply allow websites to store a cookie when required. This can often be changed (the method is specific to the browser) so that cookies are completely blocked from being created or you are asked to allow one to be created every time a website requests it. Please bear in mind that blocking the creation of cookies may render some websites inoperable or reduce the functionality.

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