We have attempted to adhere to relevent standards and good practice while developing our SharePoint offering. However, SharePoint is a third party product supplied by Microsoft, so certain aspects are beyond our control. Microsoft are constantly trying to improve SharePoint's accessibility and usability with each new release. If you would like to read Microsoft's accessibility conformance statements use the following links...

Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)®
WCAG Conformance Statement: SharePoint Server 2016

Access Keys​​

If you have difficulty using a mouse you can use several access keys to quickly jump to different section​s of Unity. Each browser has a slightly different mechanism to use access keys. When using Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari on a Windows computer you press the ALT key at the same time as the access key. When using Firefox on a Windows computer​ you press the ALT and SHIFT keys at the same time as the access key. When using a Mac press CONTROL and ALT at the same time as the access key. The main access keys within Unity are

T - Teesside University home page

I - Teesside Univerity Intranet home page

P - Promoted Sites

H - IT Help Centre

L - Login or Logout

S - Search

1 - Current site home page