Multi-factor authentication (MFA)​​​

​If your computer account is part of the MFA users group you will need to use the additional sign in page in order to access your resource, choosing "Unique Code Generator" will take you to the sign in page as seen below, refer to the relevant section you're querying.

Before attempting to sign in with MFA

As you can see below you're provided with a QR code and a secret key to enter into an authenticator app.  An authenticator app can be something on your mobile device e.g. Google Authenticator (to install, see Google Installation Guidance here).  Just scan the code with your mobile device from the desktop display or enter the key into the authenticator app you've chosen, whichever is possible.  Don't worry the key will keep regenerating for you until you make your first attempt at signing in with the 6-digit code.


After attempting to sign in with key

After trying to sign in, the secret key gets stored with your account, you just need to use your authenticator device to get the 6-digit code generated so you can enter it in, don't worry as you have around one minute to enter the correct code.  If you haven't saved the secret key from the previous section then see I need to reset my key, what do I do?

I need to reset my key, what do I do?

You need to go to and select "reset my login".  NOTE: you must register/re-register all your security details by visiting "Manage your security details" section first if you have not setup your memorable phrase and personal details.


Complete your details in the below form.


Enter your memorable phrase and click on the submit button.


Click on the "reset secret key" button.


Your secret key is reset as seen in the confirmation page below, if this is the case, try logging in again referring to:  Before attempting to sign in with MFA