Staff Leavers​​​​

Computer accounts for staff leaving the University will be terminated on the official leaving date. Any associated Outlook mailbox will also close on this date. Please note that mailbox extensions, beyond the leaving date, are not possible. If Deans/Directors require a mailbox to stay accessible to them for business purposes, this request should be sent to via a privacy and monitoring application form

Upon termination of your account, staff will no longer have access to campus computing resources, including files stored on Teesside University (TU) servers. To prepare for your departure and the closing of your University accounts please consider the following:

  • If you have personal files (strongly discouraged) on University IT systems (U: drives, web resources) make sure you take a copy of them, and only them, before you leave. See your local IT service desk for more help.
  • Once you terminate your contract with the University your Outlook mailbox will be deleted. If you have personal emails (again strongly discouraged) or contact information you wish to retain, make a copy before you leave.
  • Once your IT account expires all email will be rejected, with a notification sent to the sender. Any email forward that you have set up will cease to operate. We recommend that you make your contacts aware of any new email address (especially banks, utilities etc.). You should unsubscribe from mailing lists, or update your subscription with a new email address.
  • It is advisable to remove any mobile synchronisation with University email systems on personal devices before you leave. If you fail to do this you might find your device gets stuck trying to contact University servers it can no longer access. This may have a deleterious effect on battery life and possibly data charges.
  • If you have any non-personal User-id or University email addresses, it would be helpful to transfer these to another member of staff. Examples of non-personal accounts could include: webmaster, admissions contact or any access public folders. You can arrange the account transfer through your IT service desk.
  • For wireless users (mobile phone & laptops) remove Eduroam from your Network Connections. Again this will prevent your device from try to connect to resources that are no longer available.
  • Make sure that you have used up all of the balance in your cashless account. To check how much credit you have, go to where the balance for cashless is displayed.
  • Be aware that you may need to remove some University academic software when the licence expires e.g.. Office 365, SPSS and NVivo have their licence renewed annually.
  • It is your responsibility to return all Teesside University assets that have been assigned to you. Check your assigned asset list on:
  • If you are a sponsor of any Associate accounts please make arrangements to have these sponsorships transferred to another member of staff.
  • Return any outstanding loan equipment such as laptop, mobile phone, AV equipment to the IT Service Desk 
  • Return any outstanding library loans to the Library and keys, TUSC cards etc. to your line manager.