{Mobile Printing}


Information on MyPrint Scanning to e-mail

How do I scan to e-mail?

1. Log on to any mono or colour MyPrint device
2. Select the E-MAIL option from display
3. You will be identified and your credit balance shown on the display – scanning to e-mail is free. However, your account must be in credit 
4. Place your document into the document feeder face up or lift up the lid and place the original face down on the glass using the paper size guide markers
5. Your name will appear in the To box. Emails from MyPrint default to your university email account.
6. Select More Options to change, file format etc. (The default is PDF)
7. Press the Start button on the printer or touch Send Email on display to send your document.
8. Touch to select another option or Sign Out to end your session. This will ensure that no-one else uses your credits to photocopy

Can I send to another e-mail address?

Yes. Just touch the To field and use the onscreen keyboard to enter the email address(es) you want to send your scanned item to, then press the OK button. You can also add addresses to the CC, Subject and BCC fields by touching the relevant field.  

Can I build a job from multiple scans?

1. Swipe your TUSC card then choose the ‘E-mail’ option.
2. On the Send E-mail screen select ‘More Options’.
3. Click down through the options and select Job Build.
4. Ensure ‘Job Build On’ is selected and then click OK
5. Press the ‘Start’ button to start your segment.
6. Choose to either Finish or to Scan additional

Your completed job will then be sent to your e-mail address. 

Can I amend the Scan Quality and File Format?

1. Swipe your TUSC card then choose the ‘Email’ option.
2. At the next screen select ‘More Options’.

The functions you can change as follows:

Document File Type: click this to change to the image formats JPEG or TIFF
Output Quality: Click to change to ‘High’ or ‘Low’ from the default ‘Medium’.
Resolution: Change this to a higher figure if image quality takes precedence over file size.