MyPrint General Information

MyPrint is the University’s self service printing and photocopying system for students & staff and is the main source of printing available on campus, including the Library. The system operates by using your TUSC and touching the options on the display panel on the print station.

How to Register for MyPrint

New users cannot use the MyPrint service without registering first.

  1. Collect your TUSC from your School or Department
  2. Register for MyPrint by visiting and selecting the Register for MyPrint option.  You should not do this until at least 10 minutes after you have been issued with your TUSC to ensure that your TUSC is activated for use with MyPrint

How do I use MyPrint?

  1. Credit your MyPrint account - make sure you have enough credit to print/photocopy all your items. Staff do not need to add credit before printing, all charges will be charged to your school/dept 
  2. Use TUSC to log on to printer 
  3. Select from the options on the display

  4. You will be identified and your credit balance shown on the display
  5. Remember to log out when you have finished (press Home and then press Sign out or pass TUSC over reader) to ensure that no-one else uses your credits to print or photocopy

How much does it cost?

For more information please refer to our MyPrint price guide.

Here you will find also find details and costs of special stationery printing offered by the University’s Reprographics Section. 

I’ve not used this system before. Is someone able to help me?

Feel free to visit the Library iZone or any IT Service Desk around campus.

How do I put credit onto my MyPrint account?

by visiting and selecting the appropriate option.  Anyone can top up your credits (min £1, max £250) using a valid credit/debit card or  PayPal account.  They will need to know your Student ID and date of birth to use this service.

Where are the printer/photocopiers located?

There are numerous printer/photocopiers located across campus where you can collect your printing, photocopy or scan to e-mail.

How can I check the credits on my MyPrint account?

  1. Log on to any creditor.
  2. Log on to any MyPrint device.
  3. Ask at the Library iZone or IT Service Desk during full service hours.

How can I check on recent transactions ? (credits, print jobs etc.)   

You can review your transaction history for the past two months by visiting the MyPrint Transactions page

The MyPrint printer copier is not working. What should I do?

The MyPrint system is designed so that you can use any available device, however, please report the Asset No. (from the orange label attached to each device) and details of the fault to the nearest IT Service Desk or the Library iZone

Can I print / photocopy without my TUSC?

Ideally you need your TUSC to access the University MyPrint service.  However if you need to print and you can't locate your card you can still print by:

  • Press the option you require (print, copy or email)
  • A login screen will be displayed. 
  • Entering your User ID and password will identify you to the device, then proceed as if you had used your TUSC to log in

Guide to printing without using your TUSC

I’ve lost my TUSC. What should I do?

Go to either (onsite) or (off site) and select Cancel my TUSC.  This will immediately prevent any fraudulent use of your TUSC. 

To obtain a replacement card you will need to purchase one from

When you collect your TUSC it should already be activated for all of your TUSC services, including MyPrint.  Your MyPrint balance will automatically be transferred to your new card.

Should you have any issues using MyPrint after collecting your replacement TUSC please visit the Library iZone for assistance

Can I print or photocopy without using MyPrint?

In general no, however, output to special stationery and sizes other than A4 or A3 is available from the Reprographics Section.  You can pay for this service with your MyPrint credits. 

What should I do if print or copy output is not of an acceptable standard?  

Please take the pages to the Library iZone for a refund back to your MyPrint account.

Can I get a refund of my credit when I leave?

Yes, students have 12 months from their date of leaving to claim a refund of any outstanding credits they have (excluding any remaining gift credit.)  To check how much credit you have go to where your balance is displayed in the MyPrint section 

When a student completes their Programme of Study and leaves the University any credit balance remaining will be used to offset any debt or invoice on the Student’s account ( whether arising from tuition, accommodation, or any other legitimate charge ) in due date order. If there is no other debt or invoice, then the credit balance will be refunded in accordance with the University’s normal procedure.

Can I use my MyPrint Credits to have my work bound?

Yes, the Reprographics Section offers a range of associated services such as binding that can be paid for using your MyPrint credits.  Full details are available from the Reprographics Section on the 2nd Floor of Middlesbrough Tower.