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MyPrint Mobile Printing

MyPrint Mobile will allow staff or students to submit their print jobs remotely using their own desktop PC or wireless device (laptop, iPad, smartphone etc.) providing they have both an email client and internet access.

Emails from accounts ending with @tees.ac.uk or @live.tees.ac.uk will process automatically. Emails from none tees accounts can also be processed, however, you will need to associate your email account to your Teesside User ID (see below for details of how to do this.)

Both colour and mono documents can be submitted to the MyPrint queue and will remain available for 36 hours.  Simply login to your preferred colour or mono device on campus and collect your print(s).

To print documents using your staff or student email account

Step 1 Enter myprintmobile@tees.ac.uk as the To: address.

Step 2 Enter p:Mono for black and white single sided or p:Colour for colour single sided in the subject line (duplex printing is not available via MyPrint Mobile.)  NOTE:  queue names are case sensitive.  If you enter anything else on the subject line or leave the subject blank your print will automatically be sent to the Mono queue.  

Step 3 Attach the document(s) you wish to print and send the email.

Step 4 Collect your print(s) as normal.

Please note:

  •  the body of the email, even if blank, will always be available to print.  Any images, including signatures, contained in the body of the email may also be available when you come to collect your prints.  You should only select the Print all option if you require that the body of the email and any images are printed as well as the attached document(s).  If you do not wish to print any of these items simply select them in the list and click Delete.
  • File types supported by the system include; Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), Open Office (Writer, Calc and Impress), PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.  If you submit a print job from your PC, laptop, tablet, iPad or SmartPhone you will need to ensure your attachment matches one of these formats. If it does not, you will receive a notification email stating that the attachments are not supported.
  • Files smaller than 10KB are ignored by MyPrint Mobile. This is to help prevent signature images being printed by mistake.
  • For Excel spreadsheets all active tabs and cells will be printed and for PowerPoint each slide will be printed one per page.  If in doubt about what the output will look like you should check first in a print preview.

To print documents using an external (none University) email account

After Step 3 you will receive an email reply prompting you to register your email address. Simply enter your university username and password into the fields provided and select continue


If the registration was completed successfully you will be forwarded to the following screen:


Please note, this action will only need to be carried out once per none university email address and once registered simply follow steps 1-4 as normal.

MyPrint Mobile File Types

Only the following file types will work with Mobile Printing.

​​MyPrint Mobile Allowed File Types

If you have any queries regarding the process feel free to contact IT Help on 01642 342220.