{Mobile Printing}


Photocopying information

I just want to photocopy a document. How do I do that?

1. Log on to any mono or colour MyPrint device
2. Select the COPY option from the display
3. You will be identified and your credit balance shown on the display
4. For a single item, place the original face up in the document feeder. Touch Start Copy to make one single sided copy.

For multiple items, put your pages face up in the document feeder.  Make sure you have removed any staples, and fan the pages so they aren’t sticking together.  Slide them forwards between the paper guides until the green light registers their presence.  Then use the number pad to select the number of copies you require, and press the Start button.

5. Touch the back button to select another option or Sign Out to end your session to ensure that no-one else uses your credits to print or photocopy
6. Sign Out

Can I enlarge or reduce on the MyPrint printer/photocopiers?

Yes. Follow the instructions on screen.  

Is double sided photocopying available?

Yes. Follow the instructions on screen.

Can I get my work photocopied onto Acetate?

Yes, please ask at reprographics on the 2nd floor of Middlesbrough Tower for further details

Why hasn’t my photocopying printed?

You may not have enough credit on your account to print the full document or all of the documents selected. A message will be displayed saying ‘Credit too low’. You will need to add credit to your account.

Is it right that I can scan an item and send it to my e-mail address?

Yes. This facility is available on each MyPrint device. You can also scan an item and send copies to other email addresses. For more information please refer to our Scanning section.

How do I photocopy onto A3?

Using any A3 Station, choose the correct settings for the original and then choose the settings for the copy.

Using the Photocopy option, can I reduce from A3 to A4?

Yes. When selecting settings for the “new” copy on the A3 MyPrint station, you need to select Tray 2 (A4) and not Tray 1 (A4). Tray 1 is the side tray and your copy request won’t work.