Guest Wi-Fi Service​

The guest wireless service (TU_Visitor) provides basic web browsing and email access facilities for University visitors only. 

Staff and Students are not permitted to use this service.

The service is available in the following locations on campus:

  • The Curve
  • Student Life Building​
  • Students Union
  • Campus Heart
  • Centuria ground floor
  • Centuria South ground floor
  • Stephenson ground floor (The Street)
  • Olympia sports hall
  • Phoenix building
  • Darlington Campus (CPED)
  • National Horizon Centre (NHC)

To connect to the service please complete the registration process and enter the appropriate passcode. 

Please note the passcode is case sensitive and if incorrectly entered or left blank users will be unable to connect to the service.

The passcode for the TU_Visitor guest wireless service is changed every Monday. 

The passcode can be obtained from by: Calling into  MG.01 | Phone: 01642 34 (2220) |

Connection guide: TU_visitor guest wireless service.pdf