Future Facing Learning Self Help Tutorials

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Introduction to your Future Facing Learning Toolkit

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Introduction to iPad iPad video-camera-icon.png
The Future Facing Learning Toolkit iPad


Microsoft OneDrive

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Introduction to OneDrive OneDrive video-camera-icon.png
Organising your OneDrive OneDrive video-camera-icon.png
Sharing files using OneDrive OneDrive video-camera-icon.png
Adding photos and scans to OneDrive OneDrive video-camera-icon.png


Microsoft PowerPoint

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Creating a new presentation Office365 video-camera-icon.png
Saving your presentation on OneDrive Office365 video-camera-icon.png
Collaborating on a presentation Office365 video-camera-icon.png
Sharing a presentation Office365 video-camera-icon.png


Microsoft OneNote

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Creating a new Notebook OneNote video-camera-icon.png
Inserting photos, audio and documents OneNote video-camera-icon.png
Organising your Notebook OneNote video-camera-icon.png
Collaborating on a Notebook OneNote video-camera-icon.png


Microsoft Teams

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Welcome to Teams Teams video-camera-icon.png
Conversations in Teams Teams video-camera-icon.png
Opening and sharing files in Teams Teams video-camera-icon.png
Creating and managing a Team Teams video-camera-icon.png


Microsoft Sway

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Creating a new story Sway video-camera-icon.png
Inserting text and photos Sway video-camera-icon.png
Changing the look and feel of your story Sway video-camera-icon.png
Collaborating and sharing a story Sway video-camera-icon.png


Microsoft Forms

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Creating a new Form Forms video-camera-icon.png
Different styles of questions Forms video-camera-icon.png
Looking at the collected data Forms video-camera-icon.png
Saving and sharing your Form Forms video-camera-icon.png



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Using a quiz to gather feedback Socrative video-camera-icon.png
Creating a quiz using Socrative Socrative video-camera-icon.png
Running your quiz Socrative video-camera-icon.png
Quick questions Socrative video-camera-icon.png



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Capturing notes and drawings Office Lens video-camera-icon.png
Reading text aloud  Office Lens and OneNote video-camera-icon.png
Viewing the screen more easily iPad video-camera-icon.png
Dictating into your iPad or computer iPad video-camera-icon.png