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Protecting against Phishing

Protecting against Phishing

Simply put, “Phishing” is a fraudulent attempt to acquire your confidential information such as usernames, passwords, bank, or credit card details. This is achieved by sending you a spoof email, and redirecting you to a fake website that has a similar look and feel as the legitimate site.  As a general rule, legitimate organisations will not ask you for user names / passwords. 

Phishing emails -


  • Might appear to come from your bank or financial institution, a company you regularly do business with, or from your social networking site.
  • Might appear to be from someone you in your email address book
  • Might include official-looking logos and other identifying information taken directly from legitimate websites.
  • Might include links to spoofed websites where you are asked to enter personal information.
  • Phishing attempts often have misspellings and grammatical errors. Some have an urgent tone and they seek sensitive information that legitimate companies don't typically ask for via e-mail.

If you receive an email that you're unsure about, forward it to the helpdesk and we will investigate.

This is an example of a phishing email that was received by our staff -


We utilise Microsoft ATP to check the address to see if has been reported as a spoofed site.  However, sometimes this may not detect fake sites. Always check to see if

  • the address is incorrect

  • the page is not encrypted ( https:, and doesnt have a padlock symbol)